Elliptic Curve Ventures is a firm with a strong belief that disruptive technology starts with a bold vision to disrupt incumbent business models and the very definition of business and the principles of capitalism. Blockchain challenges the traditional venture capital model of funding companies for the sole purposes of promoting acquihire by large tech companies, because the core asset is not only talented developers, but real capital resources, financial balance sheets, transaction processes, and intellectual property. The promise of Blockchain and crypto-finance lies therefore in the potential for fundamental disruption of not only the financial industry, but the basic systems of management, control, and exchange of assets.

That also means disrupting the very capital sources that startups might traditionally rely on, the providers of that traditional “venture” capital, and the very concept of “capitalization” itself. Never before to our knowledge has there been such concentrated energy on disrupting and recreating entire capital structures and models of exchanging risk and allocating capital.

We believe that the driving and underlying technologies behind the next wave of innovations are still in their nascent stage of development. While we’ve seen a proliferation of consumer focused retail wallets and speculation platforms and exchanges, we’re only beginning to see ventures that take advantage of the lasting concepts of parametric contracts, smart contracts, programmatic transactions, and self-contained encrypted contracts, to name a few.

We’re at the beginning. And we’re gearing up for full-fledged financial system disruption.