The Elliptic Curve Ventures team combines technology knowledge with investment experience.

Matthew Stack:


Matt is an experienced early- and seed-stage investor in high tech hardware and analytics companies and serves as a technology advisor to a variety of institutions and family offices. Over the past decade, Matt has acquired and developed a collection of minority interests in companies across North America ranging from university spinouts in medtech and machine learning to mid-sized industrial technology companies. Matt serves as an advisor to a number of privately held companies and sovereign investment trusts, where he manages and supervises technology and high-performance computing investments. He serves as the lead cryptocurrency and blockchain advisor to the United Nations, where he advises governments on technology and central banking policies. Matt has served as the Director of High Performance Computing at the Mars Corporation, Senior Quantitative Strategist to a prominent asset manager, and as a Partner at 3LP, a Boston-based elite Intellectual Property advisory firm. Matt’s experience also includes managing acquisitions for a $120M corporate-led technology buyout fund in Palo Alto and spending six years at The Boston Consulting Group in the Boston and New York offices, where he worked on projects in the Health Care, IT, Retail, Industrial Goods, and Strategy practice areas. Matt holds a B.S.E. in electrical engineering from Princeton University. He is a benefactor and sponsor of the TEDx conference series and has sponsored research at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, the Strategy Institute in New York, MIT’s Broad Institute, the Highlands Forum, the University of Oxford, Caltech, and the Department of Defense.

Abby Flamholz:


Abby’s experience includes being the current C.I.O of Worth Venture Partners, Managing Director, Head of Convertibles & Special Situations at Stifel Nicolaus; Managing Director, Head of Convertibles, at Bank of America; and Co-Founding Partner of ADAR Investment Management. Abby attended Cooper Union Civil Engineering and graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Mathematics.

David Wertentheil:


David’s experience includes being the current C.E.O. of Worth Venture Partners, Managing Director, Head of Prime Services, Lazard Capital Markets; Managing Director, Global Prime Services Division as Head of Sales and Business Development – RBC Capital Markets; Managing Director, Institutional Direct Market Access Platform – Carlin Financial Group; and Co-Founder of the Risk Arbitrage Trading Desk for NextGen Trading LLC. David received a Bachelor of Talmudic Law at Neveh Zion College of Judaic Studies, Telshe Stone, Israel.

Andrew de Montille:


Andrew’s experience includes being the current C.O.O. of Worth Venture Partners, Director, Business Advisory Services Group, Rothstein Kass; Chief Financial Officer and Founding Partner, Catalpa Capital; Associate, Hedge Fund Consulting, Lehman Brothers; and Analyst, Equity Funding and Securities Lending, Lehman Brothers. Andrew received a B.S.E. Degree in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.